SPPM 11th Annual Meeting
April 11, 2024


Michelle S. Kars, MD, FAAP
Program Chair

In 1928, Walt Disney revolutionized the world of animation with the creation of Mickey Mouse. This iconic moment marked the beginning of a legacy built on innovation and a relentless pursuit of creativity.

As we stand on the precipice of the Society for Pediatric Pain Medicine (SPPM) 11th Annual Meeting inspired by Disney’s historic innovation, we invite you to embark on a journey that echoes this spirit of progress in pediatric pain medicine with the theme, “Keep Moving Forward: Innovation in Pediatric Pain Medicine.”  

We kick off the program on Wednesday evening, April 10, 2024 with three workshops.

Explore US interventional techniques, conceptualizing and treating abdominal pain, and integrating plan “A to Z” Blocks into daily practice in our workshops.  Following workshops, participants can unwind, connect and prepare for a full day on Thursday.

On Thursday, April 11 we will start off the day with an early morning wellness activity, “Sunrise Yoga” before breakfast with our exhibitors.  This complements our keynote lecture: “We don’t talk about… Burnout”, focusing on physician wellness, and its importance during this critical time in our specialty.

In the spirit of innovation, this year, our poster awards will be presented at the beginning of each panel.  Session II, aptly titled "To Infinity and Beyond: Updates in Sickle Cell Disease," promises a deep dive into the latest advancements in the treatment of sickle cell disease including acute pain management strategies, regional anesthesia techniques, chronic pain management and rehabilitation, and will explore bias on the delivery of care in patients with sickle cell disease. Collectively, the panel endeavors to equip participants with a comprehensive understanding of the evolving landscape of sickle cell disease treatment and care.

Our next panel is “Soarin’: Regional, Recovery, and Rehab”, otherwise known as the ‘Regional not just for the regionalist’ panel, highlights regional anesthesia and its application across multiple settings, from hospital to home.  We will examine “rebound pain”, discuss the use of regional catheters in the ambulatory pain management setting, and look at persistent neurologic deficits after regional anesthesia.   Attendees will then have the opportunity to engage in interactive sessions during lunch, including PBLDs and an extended round table session.  

In the afternoon, Session IV, titled "A Spoonful of… Analgesia?" delves into “hot topics” of infusion therapies for acute pain management, as well as outpatient ketamine and lidocaine therapy.  The session concludes by addressing buprenorphine and naltrexone's role in tackling substance use disorder (SUD) in adolescent patients. 

Our final panel, Session V: "A Whole New World - Promoting Our Specialty: An Interactive Panel." promises to be a dynamic exploration of strategies aimed at elevating our specialty. The panel will include active participation from the attendees, setting the tone for an interactive and engaging event while fostering a sense of community and a shared vision within our field.

We will conclude our day with our moderated poster sessions and evening workshops including our Basic Ultrasound Guided Regional workshop and Hands-On Ultrasound Skills for Neuraxial Procedures.  

I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to our exceptional team for their unwavering dedication and hard work in bringing our conference program to fruition. Dr. Amber Borucki (Program Co-Chair) and Dr. Jamie Kitzman (Program Shadow), Dr. Stephen Hays (SPPM Education Committee Chair) have contributed immensely to the seamless development of our program. I would also like to thank Dr. Yuan Chi Lin (SPPM President), who has provided invaluable guidance and support. A special acknowledgment goes to Kim Battle (Association Executive), whose tireless efforts behind the scenes have been integral to the success of our endeavors. Together, this team has created a program that promises to be both enlightening and enriching, and I am sincerely grateful for their collaborative spirit and hard work.

All Program and Schedule times are Pacific Time (PT).

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